Please do not call Brightwater Club. They prefer to be contacted through Boxgroove.
If you have questions or need help with Brightwater Club, please call 1-888-918-1872, or email

Code Of Conduct

Please wear appropriate golf attire and respect the private club environment at all times.

Please no cargo shorts, no denim and no tee shirts while visiting the club. Please use cell phones in designated areas.

Local Weather

Current Conditions
Mostly Cloudy
45° F

  • Monday
    May 2nd
    High: 53° F
    Low: 31° F
    30% Rain
  • Tuesday
    May 3rd
    High: 60° F
    Low: 29° F
  • Wednesday
    May 4th
    High: 63° F
    Low: 34° F
  • Thursday
    May 5th
    High: 65° F
    Low: 39° F
    54% Rain
  • Friday
    May 6th
    High: 67° F
    Low: 43° F
    59% Rain
  • Saturday
    May 7th
    High: 52° F
    Low: 39° F
    59% Rain
  • Sunday
    May 8th
    High: 53° F
    Low: 36° F
    42% Rain
  • Monday
    May 9th
    High: 59° F
    Low: 39° F
    38% Rain