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About Hyperion Field Club

The Hyperion Club was organized as a social club on January 25, 1900. The site for the Hyperion golf course was selected in 1907 and opened in 1910.

In the ensuing years, as club membership increased, the clubhouse was remodeled and improved several times. Then in 1972, the structure was razed and the present facility was built.
In Greek mythology, Hyperion was one of the Titans, the powerful gods of the ancient Greeks. Among Hyperion's duties was to lead the sun across the sky in his chariot. The Hyperion logo, a chariot super-imposed on a blazing sun, is symbolic of the god, Hyperion.

Hyperion Field Club provides a quality golf, sports and fitness facility with social activities in an inclusive environment. Hyperion is the club of choice for families in a traditional country club setting and fosters a sense of belonging by providing quality value oriented programs coupled with our long standing reputation, exceptional service and friendly atmosphere.

Welcome to the Hyperion Field Club.

Code Of Conduct

Please wear appropriate golf attire and respect the private club environment at all times.

Please no cargo shorts, no denim and no tee shirts while visiting the club. Please use cell phones in designated areas.
No Non-player guests allowed.
Cancellation Policy: 72 Hours
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Local Weather

Current Conditions
27° F

  • Friday
    Nov 22nd
    High: 38° F
    Low: 23° F
    5% Snow
  • Saturday
    Nov 23rd
    High: 46° F
    Low: 26° F
    9% Snow
  • Sunday
    Nov 24th
    High: 51° F
    Low: 29° F
    8% Rain
  • Monday
    Nov 25th
    High: 51° F
    Low: 34° F
    3% Rain
  • Tuesday
    Nov 26th
    High: 40° F
    Low: 31° F
    63% Rain
  • Wednesday
    Nov 27th
    High: 40° F
    Low: 24° F
    5% Snow
  • Thursday
    Nov 28th
    High: 41° F
    Low: 32° F
    30% Rain
  • Friday
    Nov 29th
    High: 46° F
    Low: 38° F
    49% Rain


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Golf instruction available on an appointment basis with on site PGA Professionals.

Golf Amenities

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