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About Little Mill Country Club

Little Mill is a 27 hole private facility cut through the New Jersey Pine Barrens. The rolling terrain of the coure is not common to the area. The three unique nines provide ample challenge for all abilities. Little Mill will host the 2008 NJSGA Amateur Championship in 2008.

The History of Little Mill Country Club
Along the 9th hole of the white course at Little Mill Country Club stands a portion of the original structure of what was once Branin’s Mill, now Little Mill, part of the Taunton Forge furnace operations owned and operated by colonial Ironmaster Charles Read in 1766. The lank was originally part of the Taunton Tract and is rick in state and national history. It is now chronicled that Taunton Furnace on Read’s Mill Creek, now Haines Creek, produced mostly pots, kettles, stoves ect against the mandate of the British Empire.

In 1776, the forge was commissioned to produce shot and cannon for the Revolutionary War and later the Civil War with fuel and iron ore supplied by Branin’s Mill (Little Mill) and it’s twin lakes. The land and furnace operations, sister sire to Batsto Village, changed hands a handful of times throughout the next hundred years until Joseph Hinchman purchased the mill converting the mill pond to a cranberry bog. The bog was unsuccessful and the land lay untouched for another several years. It was from Joseph Hinchman’s son, Samuel that Mathew F. Van Istenday, Jr. purchased the property including what are now known as Van Lake and Lost Lake to build his dream golf course.

Code Of Conduct

Guest are expected to maintain a level of proper personal attire while in the Clubhouse or on the golf course. No cargo shorts, blue jeans, short shorts, tank tops, cut offs, halter tops, t-shirts, sweat suits, sweat pants or other variations from traditional trouser, shorts and shirts with collars and sleeve will be permitted.

We are a soft spike only club.

All guest are to abide cart, golf course, and house rules at all times.
No Non-player guests allowed.
Cancellation Policy: 72 Hours
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Local Weather

Current Conditions
39° F

  • Wednesday
    Nov 25th
    High: 57° F
    Low: 37° F
    20% Rain
  • Thursday
    Nov 26th
    High: 65° F
    Low: 52° F
    98% Rain
  • Friday
    Nov 27th
    High: 58° F
    Low: 47° F
    15% Rain
  • Saturday
    Nov 28th
    High: 56° F
    Low: 42° F
    8% Rain
  • Sunday
    Nov 29th
    High: 55° F
    Low: 35° F
    1% Rain
  • Monday
    Nov 30th
    High: 62° F
    Low: 41° F
    98% Rain
  • Tuesday
    Dec 1st
    High: 54° F
    Low: 38° F
    72% Rain
  • Wednesday
    Dec 2nd
    High: 46° F
    Low: 32° F


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Golf Amenities

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