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About North Shore Country Club

North Shore Country Club was founded on March 1, 1920 as the Michiwaukee Golf Club. On July 13, 1923, the Michiwaukee Golf Club and Land Company was incorporated to purchase 129 acres of land on Fairy Chasm Road. In 1926, the first Clubhouse was erected and the Club was firmly established. Nine years later, on January 12, 1935, North Shore Country Club was formed by a group of Michiwaukee members, and in March of 1935, the Club bought the golf course from the Land Company.

The Club prospered and grew at the Fairy Chasm site. Members and their guests sought amenities such as a swimming pool and tennis courts, which were available at other Clubs. Unable to expand beyond the 129 acres in Bayside, in 1964 the Club entered an agreement to swap the course for the current 215 acres in Mequon. The larger land area came with an additional 9-holes, a larger Clubhouse, and a swimming pool.

Code Of Conduct

Please wear appropriate golf attire and respect the private club environment at all times.

Please no cargo shorts, no denim and no tee shirts while visiting the club. Please use cell phones in designated areas.
No Non-player guests allowed.
Cancellation Policy: 72 Hours
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Local Weather

Current Conditions
66° F
Rain 96%

  • Friday
    May 20th
    High: 71° F
    Low: 56° F
    79% Rain
  • Saturday
    May 21st
    High: 57° F
    Low: 47° F
    86% Rain
  • Sunday
    May 22nd
    High: 58° F
    Low: 43° F
    49% Rain
  • Monday
    May 23rd
    High: 57° F
    Low: 42° F
  • Tuesday
    May 24th
    High: 56° F
    Low: 48° F
    83% Rain
  • Wednesday
    May 25th
    High: 58° F
    Low: 46° F
    98% Rain
  • Thursday
    May 26th
    High: 53° F
    Low: 45° F
    39% Rain
  • Friday
    May 27th
    High: 61° F
    Low: 44° F
    91% Rain


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