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About Sunnybrook Country Club

Watermark Country Club was "born" in 1998. The former Forest Hills Golf Club that had been on this site for 35 years was bought by two local businessmen and a new future was created. The old clubhouse, pro shop & pool were torn down and large areas of the golf course were reshaped and redesigned. A brand new 20,000 square foot clubhouse, restaurant & banquet facility was built during 1998 and opened in late November of that year. A brand new outdoor, multi-pool swim facility was built in late 2001 and opened in May of 2002.

Watermark has a unique approach to private club golf. In 1998 Watermark went in a direction marrying private golf with a public restaurant & banquet facility. The Club went a step further in 2001 building a stand-alone separate swim facility with its own membership group. Families can add the pool to their golf membership or join as Sports Members, receiving the pool and a limited amount of golf. In addition, Watermark has an ala carte type of membership where members have the opportunity to pick and choose amenities and services.

Watermark is also unique in that it is not a "member-owned" facility. This affords the membership a number of advantages. Most importantly, members spend all their time at the Club playing golf, planning events, and socializing with fellow members and guests. The good news is members do not need to serve on all sorts of committees to run the business, deal with debt, and plan for the future. At Watermark, a professional staff develop budgets, find the best vendors, hire great staff, and focus on meeting and exceeding members' expectations. Watermark has never assessed the membership for operating deficits or capital improvements. It is Watermark's commitment to always have quality conditions inside the Clubhouse/Restaurant, outside on the grounds around the facility, at the pool, and on the golf course.

Over the years we have developed an environment that is not only filled with family-fun, but also one that is well received by our business oriented members looking for a Club to entertain clients and customers. Whether on the golf course or off, the environment at Watermark is one that meets all kinds of member needs. We have a more "formal" dining room for special occasions or business entertaining and also a more relaxed lounge and outdoor deck area for just hanging out with friends and family.

In 2008, Watermark Country Club became a multi-club facility when it purchased Crystal Springs Country Club, located just off M-6, at the Kalamazoo Avenue exit. Brand new construction (now completed) includes a new clubhouse, a fitness facility, new pool facilities, a new 22,000 sq. ft. restaurant and banquet center, and golf course improvements bringing the course back to championship level conditions. The club has been renamed StoneWater Country Club at Crystal Springs.

Two Clubs - One Membership has been so well received that a third Club has been added for the 2010 season! Sunnybrook Country Club is now under common ownership with Watermark and StoneWater Country Clubs. Sunnybrook is located in the southwest area of Grand Rapids near Rivertown Crossings. Sunnybrook has an excellent reputation with a championship level golf course, newly renovated restaurant and large outdoor dining patio, extensive improvements of the pool facilities, and an outstanding large banquet center. All three Clubs, Watermark, StoneWater, and Sunnybrook, are within 20 minutes drive time of each other.

Beginning in 2010, Three Clubs - One Membership, allows members to play all three courses at the price of one membership. This is a tremendous added value for all members. Whether it is just to have a "day away" for golf or having access to your "other Clubs" because of an event at your home course, members have a very unique opportunity that few clubs can ever offer their membership. Each Club has a completely different style of golf course. This adds to the enjoyment of having three courses to play as a member. As a full Country Club member, your family will have access to all three courses and their pool facilities.

Three Clubs - One Membership
Watermark Country Club
StoneWater Country Club
Sunnybrook Country Club

Code Of Conduct

Please wear appropriate golf attire and respect the private club environment at all times.

Please no cargo shorts, no denim and no tee shirts while visiting the club. Please use cell phones in designated areas.
No Non-player guests allowed.
Cancellation Policy: 72 Hours
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  • Monday
    Feb 1st
    High: 34° F
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    16% Snow
  • Tuesday
    Feb 2nd
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    Low: 13° F
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