About Boxgroove

Boxgroove: Your Passport to Private Golf Clubs
Boxgroove provides members-level access to private golf courses around the world. While many sites can get you access to public golf courses, only Boxgroove can get you into the best private golf clubs. Once you become a member, Boxgroove provides tee times at the best courses for you and your golf group.
We currently have 1063 private courses in 48 states and 3 countries. You can help us grow faster by joining our community and sharing our site with your golf friends. We have two membership plans to fit any golfer's budget. Choose the one that is right for you. As the number of golfers has increased in Boxgroove, we have noticed that more private courses have taken notice of our company. This is a good thing for all of us. We hope you enjoy these new experiences and we thank you for being a part of our company's growth.
How We Got Started
Here at Boxgroove.com, we love the game of golf, which is why we want to improve the game, the industry and the experience of individual golfers.
Our team is composed of both country club golfers and non-country club golfers. As country club golfers, we have experienced the challenges of attracting new members to our clubs. We have also been frustrated by the limitations of traditional reciprocal relationships. As non-country club golfers, we have experienced the frustration of identifying which country club may be a good candidate for membership. Regardless of our individual club affiliations, we all recognize that variety enhances the golf experience.
Our passion for golf and appetite for variety drove us to create Boxgroove.com -- our innovative, online, golf network. Boxgroove.com grants golfers the opportunity to play a variety of private courses around the country.
More than a tee time aggregator, a reciprocal club network or fractionalized country club membership, Boxgroove.com offers committed guests the opportunity to forge golf relationships and play private courses of their choosing.
Isn't it time to be part of a community where you can share your passion for golf on a national scale? Join us. Which private course will you play today? See a list of club locations.
Our goal is to connect serious golfers seeking diverse golf experiences with private courses using an inventive, reliable, online network. Boxgroove.com provides golfers with:
  • Software to manage the traditional private club reciprocity process
  • Meaningful opportunities to play private golf clubs around the country
  • A powerful arena for business and social networking
  • A simple, web-based method of accessing tee times at private golf clubs
  • A national community that shares your love for the game of golf
Our Philosophy
At Boxgroove.com, we think the best way to explore the world is with a golf club in hand. While we love our local courses, we also enjoy taking our game to different locales. Nothing improves a business trip, vacation or long weekend like a round of golf at a new course! So, go ahead... take your game further, explore new courses and experience the greatest game on Earth with golfers that share your passion! Let Boxgroove.com be your passport!