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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Each club has complete control over the pricing of their tee times. Boxgroove does not control or mark up any pricing. Typically our clubs will price their tee times at their standard accompanied guest rate or unaccompanied guest rate.
  • At Boxgroove we custom make a tee time for you. Our clubs only want serious inquiries so a $20 dollar deposit is required to make a request. The deposit is applied to the tee time amount that is given to you from the club when you pay for it on Boxgroove. If a tee time is given to you for the date and time frame(s) you requested then the deposit is applied at the time of booking. If you cancel the "matched" tee time or the request then the deposit is forfeited. If the club for some reason cannot accommodate your play at the time(s) and date you requested your deposit is returned. Our goal is to ensure requests are genuine. * A tee time is considered matched if it is within 30 minutes of your request. For example: A request to play on Jan 6th, 2013 between 1 - 3 pm. A tee time is considered Matched if the clubs gives you a time between 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm.
  • Often times a 3 day holiday weekend is the busiest time at a club with their members enjoying the club. Boxgroove’s reciprocal and member for a day play options were put in place to always be mindful of the members being able to be at their club. Our rules driven system optimizes the best times for our members to make request at these clubs when they are typically slow during the week and/or weekends. However, with holidays there are not a lot of slow times which we must recognize and work around.
  • Membership Plans


    Standard Membership

    Premium Membership

    Purchase tee times offered by private clubs in our network (Boxgroove-affiliated).
    Request tee times from Boxgroove-affiliated clubs.
    Request tee times directly from Boxgroove members that belong to member-affiliated clubs.
    Avoid the $19.95 booking surcharge.
    Limited time only
    Improve your mental game and receive a 6 month subscription to MZCoach ($149 value).
    Receive a free USGA Handicap Index for 1 year from ($30.00 value).
    Receive 1 of 3 "How To Break 80" instructional DVDs. * †
    Choices include: Short Game Drills, Trouble Shots, and Hybrid.
    FREE $49/year

    * S&H not inlcuded.

    Only applies to Premium Membership purchased at full retail. See terms and conditions for instructions on how to redeem.

    US only.

  • Most of our clubs prefer two or more golfers. Often times it is very hard for our private clubs to pair up a single Boxgroove member with a member of their club for a variety of reasons. Also, the pace of play that a single presents against the other groups on the course will make for a round that is not very enjoyable by our member. Nothing like hitting and waiting, hitting and waiting as you can’t get thru several groups in front of you. So hopefully you can round up a friend or client when traveling to play with you.
  • Our clubs have the ability to send offers to our golfers thru the Boxgroove system that only select golfers may get. Sign up, browse a few clubs, mark a few clubs as your "favorite" inside Boxgroove and you just might find a savings offer in your email box to visit the club you have always wanted to experience.
  • We are not sure if one would have enough days off from work to achieve this! However, even if you did have enough time, probably not as the clubs can control many aspects of who visits their club. However, with nearly 800 Boxgroove affiliated private clubs and over 1300 Member affiliated clubs there is bound to be one or two close by for you to visit.
  • Most of our clubs take requests and some clubs even post tee times. The large percentage take requests to work better with your schedule. So there are two ways to get a tee time. You must log in order to see if the club is taking requests. You can see the Orange Request Tee Time button right next to the clubs name on the club Information page. In the last rolling 12 months, 95% of our requests were fulfilled by our clubs for those golfers with a profile filled out.
  • The Boxgroove Realty network is an opportunity for a Realtor to get exposure to golfers who visit the club's profile page where they are represented with a short bio, URL, phone number, email and picture. A 12-month Listing is $395.00 and you get: 12-Month exclusive realty listing for the club on which you register You will be registered as a Premium Member ($49 value) for 12 months You will Receive eight (8) $49 Premium Membership gift certificates for clients
  • Boxgroove-affiliated clubs may control the availability of their tee time request functionality based on several dimensions. Reasons may include: Golfer-based restrictions taking into account a golfer's geographic location, handicap index, and private club affiliation(s). Club orentiented restrictions detailing the times of the year a club is open to requests as well as the maximum number of requests a club is willing to receive during a given period of time. Only Premium Members may make requests to clubs that are only member-affiliated.
  • We recognize we may not have the one private club you have always wanted to visit. Do us a favor and join our community anyway. The one course you have always wanted to visit may now start participating as more golfers like you get involved. It's free to join and we don't spam our members.
  • When you join, your membership is for 12 full months beginning on the date of purchase. For example, if you join today (...and you should!) your membership will expire on this day, 12 months from now.
    • Boxgroove affiliated clubs are actively participating in the Boxgroove Network. This means that they post tee times and/or accept tee time requests.

    • Member affiliated clubs are not directly affiliated with Boxgroove, but these clubs have members of theirs that are using the Boxgroove service.

    • Non-affiliated clubs have no relationship with Boxgroove, however, you may still request membership/event information from these clubs and we'll be happy to pass on the request.

  • This tab on the golfer dashboard allows the golfer to quickly see Boxgroove Affiliated courses that are within 50 miles of their home. If you select a course as your favorite from the member affiliated network then Boxgroove will alert you every time your favorite(s) post a tee time to the network. You can have as many favorite courses as you like.
  • No. If you purchase tee times from one of our participating clubs, you may play the course without being escorted by a country club member.
  • As a member you are able to make requests for tee times, however many clubs will not be able to accept your request between the hours of 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. In fact, most clubs don't even allow their own members to bring guests during these times. To get a better understanding of when a club is most likely to honor your request please click the "view request & pricing guidlines" link listed for each club on the club locations page.
  • Our intention is to grow into every major metropolitan area in the U.S. and beyond. After two and half years we have amassed a network of 840+ private clubs in 48 states and in three countries. Our network continues to add new clubs at an astonishing rate, averaging at least one per week. Be sure to check back often for new clubs in your area.
  • No. Per I.R.S. guidelines, not-for-profit social organizations [e.g. 501(c)(7) clubs] are able to generate up to 15% of their total revenue from non-member use of club facilities. is simply a tool clubs can use to maximize revenue within that threshold.

  • A shared tee time is a time posted by a club that Boxgroove members can share. For example, two single Boxgroove golfers who find themselves in Naples Florida could each book (pay) for a single player for a 2 pm tee time on Wednesday May 4th at La Playa. These two Boxgroove members will play together as a twosome.
  • No. is not creating new points of access for non-members to use private clubs. Traditionally, non-members have access to private clubs in three ways. First, non-members can use private clubs when they are hosted as a guest by an existing club member.

    Second, most clubs accommodate corporate golf outings(e.g. business-at-play). When hosting corporate outings, clubs seldom require that any of the golfers be members of the club. These outings represent examples of controlled, un-hosted play by non-members.

    Third, traditional reciprocity from Golf Professional to Golf Professional. Often times when a country club member travels their golf professional can ask a fellow golf professional at a club to accommodate their member. streamlines this process and makes it more efficient for both club professionals. The golfer can now handle these requests thru our automated system and the golf professional can monitor these requests more timely and with greater control.

    The network uses these existing points of access in conjunction with powerful player screening controls. As a result, participating clubs and host golfers have the ability to control the type (country-club player vs. non-country-club player), caliber (handicap) and location (in market area vs. out of market area) of golfers to which tee times will be extended. Further, the club can control the number of times per golf season (or ever) non-members are able to play their course.

    The screening controls are supplemented by a player feedback mechanism. Network visibility to each golfer's feedback ensures players will abide by course rules if they wish to continue golfing within

  • Yes. Click here to see our member clubs and the tee times currently available (remember, as a member you may also be able to request tee times to match your schedule!)

  • has established partnerships with private country clubs around the country. These clubs offer tee times to our members via our website. Our members have the ability to login and browse and purchase tee times that are offered by our clubs. Posted tee times will show the date, time, price and minimum/maximum party size. Our members may then use our service to purchase these tee times via credit card. accepts payment on behalf of our participating clubs and remits payment to each club monthly.

  • No. is available to country-club and non-country-club golfers.

  • Yes, most of our clubs allow the 'booking' golfer to bring guests that are not members of When booking a tee-time that involves members, the 'booking' golfer will be asked to identify the name, email and handicap of each guest. All golfers will be required to agree to the user agreement and the club's specific code of conduct (emailed to all golfers prior to play).

  • Unlike tee time aggregators that simply present available tee times, we allow our members to request tee times that meet their needs. If you see an orange request button at the top of a club's profile page then you can make a request. If you do NOT see the request button then this club is not taking request at this point in time. After a review process, participating clubs and associated country club members have the option of providing a tee time that meets your needs. Though requests are not guaranteed opportunities to play, there are strong network incentives for clubs and golfers to accommodate requests. In fact, to date, most requests have been honored.

  • Another way Boxgroove members can play at a private club is through our Boxgroove Member Affiliated Clubs. These are indicated by the blue golfer silhouette (). Through our social network, subscribers may directly communicate with country club members that are enrolled with by asking to be hosted. This member will play with you and any guests (up to 3 total people). Country club golfers enrolled in may directly post offers to host guests to our website and/or review requests from our members seeking to play their course. Therefore, the opportunity to play an exclusive club does not rely on that club's participation in As long as members of a given course are enrolled in, there are potential opportunities to play the course. You must be a Premium Member inside Boxgroove to use this feature. The price that is charged for a hosted round by the the Boxgroove member is the club's accompanied guest rate for the club. The Boxgroove member can not mark up or charge more than their club's member guest rate.
  • Yes. We hope you play 20, 30 times or more! Every tee time you see within is an opportunitiy for play for which you are eligible, regardless of how often you have already played. Remember, every member also has the ability to request tee times! If you are eligible to make a request at a particular club you will see an orange request button next to the club's name at the top of their profile page.
  • In order to invite a friend, or anyone on Boxgroove for that matter to play with you on a tee time you must first have a tee time with at least one open spot sitting in your shopping cart. Next, navigate to the members tab or search for a specific golfer using the search bar. The search result for each member will show a "Send Game Invitation" link. Upon clicking this link, you will be presented with a dialog box where you may choose which round you wish to invite the player to and whether or not you will be picking up the tab or they will be paying for themselves. You will be notified within Boxgroove and through email when your invitation is RSVP'd. If accepted, the player will automatically be added to your booking.
  • If a club is just member affiliated with Boxgroove (i.e. a Boxgroove member belongs to a private club that is not using the Boxgroove service), then you may be able to access such a club. As a Premium Member, you'll be able to make a tee time request to member affiliated clubs. Instead of going to that club, your request will be forwarded to those members of that club who wish to receive tee time requests. They may then choose to post a "private" tee time on Boxgroove for your consumption only. If you book this tee time then this golfer will host you as a guest at his/her private club. Please note that there is no guarantee that a member will choose to host you at their club. The price that is charged for a hosted round by the the Boxgroove member is the club's accompanied guest rate for the club. The Boxgroove member can not mark up or charge more than their club's member guest rate.