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What A Desert Forest Golf Club Member Says About Boxgroove

I have a Boxgroove membership (premium) that I had never used other than actually hosting others until this week. I had a buddy coming into town and he wanted to play a specific private course. Normally I would have called my pro and asked him to make a call for me but I hate to do that this time of year because our courses are crammed and I feel guilty asking because I know we turn down a lot of similar requests this time of year. During the summer it is a totally different story and I wouldn't have thought twice about it. Anyway, before I called it occurred to me that I had this membership that I had never used and should check and see if Boxgroove had a relationship with the course. They did so I gave it a try.

I submitted the request on a Monday and it showed as pending still on Tuesday. I figured since it was a private club that it might not be open on Monday or that the pro might not be in that day. Therefore I wasn't concerned. Later that day I got a call from Boxgroove explaining that the contact was out and apologizing for it not already being done! Awesome customer service. The next day it wasn't done by 11:05am when I received an email saying that the pro had been out for two days but that he would be in today and they just wanted to let me know that they would have it done ASAP. Again, I honestly hadn't even thought about it yet and I thought it was pretty great that they were so concerned about it that consistent proactive communication was occurring. A couple of hours later the tee time was added without an issue and even though it took longer than they expected (I didn't really have any expectations) they had a very impressed customer. Now two additional things will happen:

  1. I will go out of my way to recommend this service to other golfers I know in the future
  2. I will think of them more often so that I don't have to hassle my pro in cases where a relationship already exists. Please note that the pro at my club has never hesitated or complained about making a call for me. I'm the one that feels guilty asking because I know that I'd hate to do that crap if I were him.
Anyway, wanted to mention it here because I know that it had come up before. Kudos to the people running the site.

Also, to answer the question about being able to contact members directly I've had it happen twice. Once I was out of the country and couldn't accommodate it and the other time I had an great time playing with some guys from Sahalee who were in town and wanted to play at my club.

Posted On Golf WRX Feb 25th 2016


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