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Please do not call Thorny Lea Golf Club. They prefer to be contacted through Boxgroove.
If you have questions or need help with Thorny Lea Golf Club, please call 1-888-918-1872, or email

About Thorny Lea Golf Club

About The Club

Thorny Lea Golf Club was established in 1900 as a private company of friends who for starters built a motley array of holes on Brockton’s West Side. Bit by bit over the next quarter-century, the members added to their property and by 1925 the full 18-hole complement of holes was in place along with a clubhouse that fit the times.

A full century and more after the first ball was struck at Thorny Lea, our course remains a challenge for golfers of all ages and talents and our new clubhouse has become a popular gathering place for those seeking fine dining and first-class amenities for family celebrations and community events.

Pricing Overview

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Code Of Conduct

Please wear appropriate golf attire and respect the private club environment at all times.

Please no cargo shorts, no denim and no tee shirts while visiting the club. Please use cell phones in designated areas.
No Non-player guests allowed.
Cancellation Policy: 72 Hours
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Local Weather

Current Conditions
47° F

  • Sunday
    Feb 19th
    High: 58° F
    Low: 37° F
  • Monday
    Feb 20th
    High: 42° F
    Low: 29° F
  • Tuesday
    Feb 21st
    High: 44° F
    Low: 25° F
    2% Rain
  • Wednesday
    Feb 22nd
    High: 57° F
    Low: 35° F
    1% Rain
  • Thursday
    Feb 23rd
    High: 66° F
    Low: 42° F
    33% Rain
  • Friday
    Feb 24th
    High: 62° F
    Low: 42° F
    10% Rain
  • Saturday
    Feb 25th
    High: 58° F
    Low: 40° F
    78% Rain
  • Sunday
    Feb 26th
    High: 44° F
    Low: 32° F
    31% Rain


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